Monday, October 27, 2008

Fixing Effie

Needlesssss Yikes! Needles like my vet's office. Super Yikes! That is what it takes to fix Effie!
I got so nervous when I saw that I went on a full rampage! I attacked blue bed....
The pics are poor because you cannot focus on MS TASMANIAN DEVIL!
You see the bed. You attack the bed. You drag the bed to the middle of the family room and then you shake it, bite it. Attack. Attack. Kill!!!

Is she done??? Not yet? Ohhh, Growl, attack Blue bed some more! Glowy devil eyes!!!!

Shake it, take it by the fireplace and really, bite it. Turn it over, show it who is boss!!!!

{Is the needle gone? }

Show blue bed who is boss.....that is how a rampage is done....

Wait... this is how Effie got her ear chewed....

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