Saturday, October 25, 2008

Effie's surgery

My ephalant Effie has a sore holy ear. I kind chewed it open when momma was gone. Don't judge me. I was having a melt down. And it had a nasty tag... I .... removed. Like you have never chewed up anything in your whole life!
I love Effie, she is my second ephalant. My other one is an elephant- Ellie elephant, and not as cute. [don't tell her that] Momma looked at Effie today and decided we need to go to the fabric store to get matching thread. Effie is pink and momma is out of that pink color. By tomorrow Effie will be all better. So, I put her down under the comforter so she can rest until tomorrow. That is where I go when my tummy is icky, and it makes me feel better. Daddy says I need a little jack ass to play with, he thinks that ephalants are passe`. Momma just gave him a seriously dirty look.
Hm- ever feel like some people live in an alternate universe? I mean... what is wrong with ephalants?

I hope momma gets Effie a new squeaker too. I kind of killed her old one... I just got caught up in the frenzy ok... Yes... I am a little ashamed, but it is really momma's fault for leaving me.


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