Friday, October 17, 2008

taking STOCK

This has been a long hard week. I do miss momma. BUT. JD, Wendy and I have been talking.
Some of us [no names please] are not entirely upset by momma's absence. Some of us have made a list of reasons why being alone with daddy is really good.
1] Daddy does not remember how many snacks you have had. :) Apparently walking in the closet and looking cute works to get him to snack you again.
2] Daddy does not make the bed and clean up the bedroom and close it off for the day. You can spend the whole day in bed and take your toys, chews, and stuff on the bed!
3] Frisbee Cat must be afraid of daddy because, it has not been out not even once since momma left!
4] Daddy goes out on rides a lot! And, he brings food in boxes!
5] Daddy grills absolutely everything! The stove has not been on not even once!
6] Daddy eats in front of the TV and that makes it very easy to mooch. Let's say he is an easy touch...
7] Daddy is not into wiping your paws, or face or butt, constantly like momma is!
8] Daddy "peppers" our food with treats to get us to eat. We all know how refusing to eat will get your food "treated" immediately!
9] Daddy will share his frozen fruitsicle if you beg enough.
10] Daddy prefers a ride in his air conditioned car to a brisk walk in humid weather.
11] Daddy does not run the vacuum, constantly.... or ever...
12] Daddy does not do the rug machine.. I hate that machine. It leaves the rugs damp! Ick.
Mhh I suppose, things are a little different. It is wrong to say I still miss momma?
just 'vie

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