Wednesday, October 29, 2008


She is my best friend and my worst enemy -at times. But always I love her. No, I more than love her, I adore her. I follow her around, I refuse to go outside without her, and I will not eat if she does not eat. I ache when she is scared or hurt and I love to lick her face and snuggle her. She is MY Wendy! Her before time [before White Cottage and her rescue] was a very dark time. The Wendy does not talk about it much, but sometimes we can't make her forget it. But when she does forget it, and when she lives in the moment, then she is happiest and sweetest and the most fun. I really love her!
When Wendy is happy her eyes sparkle and she gets the biggest smile! Look! is she not beautiful?

Wendy's lil sis

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