Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Itchies.

Well, momma is back, for sure. Momma will not put up with the itchies. If she sees one of us scratching we get picked up, turned over looked over and wiped, shmeared with stuff, pilled or sprayed and told not to scratch. As if. You know what happens when you are told NOT to scratch? You ITCH MORE!!!! Whatever allergies are, momma hates allergies. The Wendy had the start of a hot spot on her tush. The Wendy got the full day treatment... spray, wipe schmear and pill. It is now gone. Ditto for me. I had a "something" on my cheek. No more! JD got his face washed a couple of times and his eyes cleaned up. Momma says it is fall allergies. And, today momma said her allergies were bothering her! I did not see anyone turn her over, wipe, schmear pill or spray her! Wait, I saw her pill herself. But nobody turned her over! Does the spray on the head count as spray? She must have allergies in her hair!

We are going for a walk later. You know what that means? A full wipe down when we get back!..

The price of Bichon life! Wipe downs. Oh well.

Itchy me

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Vicki said...

Yes, the itchies are very bad news! It sounds like all three of you "kids" get them in some form or the other. Thank goodness you Mom knows how to make you well. Love, Blazer & Vicki T