Sunday, October 12, 2008

Uh. OH...


Something isn't right.

Momma is packing a bunch of stuff in a GIANT suitcase. I see lots of shoes, clothes, and jewelry... but NO TOYS... None at all!!!

She can't expect me to go on vacation without toys??? That would be absurd! She knows I take at least one toy with me on all car rides. I keep putting a toy in her suitcase and she keeps taking it out. She tries to do it when I won't notice, but I always notice, so really, what is up?

I am not liking this. I like knowing what is going on and when. You know, with me it is all about my routine! Predictability is key. It is easier on all if everyone knows what to expect and when.

So, what is going on? Where are we going? For how long? Do we need to pack more collars? I like a change and I like to match. Know what? Daddy is not packing.... soooo weird.

JDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , I need to talk to JD, he will know what is going on.


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