Friday, October 10, 2008

No, this mask thing is NOT settled!

Chill she says. Chill. Frumpt. Shall we revisit Halloweens past?? Hmmm?

Here momma dressed me as a pumpkin then got mad when I made myself at home in a "pumpkin patch".... so much for staying in character!

Shall we forget the "witchie" costume? Momma said it suited me best. Do I look happy???

This is poor Wendy trying to survive her "bat costume"....
These pre date moi.... and can you really justify them?

What was this supposed to be? LLCool JD???????

You should gather all these picyures and put them in an album called HUMILIATION- or MISERY.....

Come on momma. The only "accessory" I loved, and still love... is my crown. So. I could be a Halloween princess??? I look great in my crown! It is who I am!

Really, I am trying!

Ever hear of compromise?

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