Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quillah's BIRD

So... I was walking by momma's puter and looked over to see the screen. QUILLAH! Pictures of Quillah in her new forever home. Girl friend looks GOOOOOOOOD! She looks happy. I love seeing my White Cottage Buddies when they get their new home.

What? Quillah has a bird! Her very own bird! Momma!!! Did you know Quillah has her very own bird? Mooooommmmmmaaaaa JD, Wennnnndy, Daddddy looooooK

I have to go to the pet shop to see birds ... or catch them in the back yard. FRUMPT.
I want my own bird!

Momma is trying to tell me that the bird was in that house before Quillah ever came. He was friends with Daisy and when she went over to the Rainbow Bridge, the bird was very sad.

Hm. Now Quillah has a bird. I have a dumb stuffed duck.
Momma, can we get a bird? Pleasssssseee.

Frumpt. I want my own bird!

Pouting 'vie

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