Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wishing a PIPER wish

Looking out at my street, so many houses, so many families. Just wondering why with so many houses and families, one of them has not claimed my friend Piper. Now that Sebastian has a forever home, I wish Piper could be in his forever home. Hey all, Piper is a cute, sweet fun guy. He gives great kisses and has a fantabulous tail wag. That and he is a perfect Bichon boy. Just needy enough and loving and silly and playful. My wish is that he gets adopted. My other wish is that he gets adopted near me. I want a play date neighbor.

If you know of a terrific 2legged with a really big , loving heart and a need to be loved back 1000%, you should tell them to look up Piper on the TBFR website.

You know, I miss momma, but I am loved and my daddy is here doing a good job and trying to take care of me. And I promised him I will not tell momma how he forgot my ice cubes in my water.

wistful 'vie

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