Sunday, October 26, 2008

Norfolk SPCA's Dog Walk

Today we went to the Norfolk SPCA's Dog Walk. It got rained out yesterday, but rescheduled for today. And it was a glorius fall day! But then, I always love walking in Ghent! And I liked Stockley Garden Park. Met so many people! Had my picture taken! And. Mhhh. I got held by this 2 legged lady who smelled very familiar, but I could not remember why. It was odd. I behaved. I did not snap, snip, or want off. But I could not remember her.... until...we left, got in the car and then momma told daddy how nice it was to spend time with Wynn's momma. DUH!!!! No wonder she was familiar! And you know what bigger DUH... Miss Darlene is the artist! You know, I did a post on her art because it speaks to me... she paints Bichons! sooo DUHHHHH to me!!!! I need to start remembering more. JD says I show all signs of being born a platinum blond. Ok. That is stupid. I was born zackly the same shade I am now. White.
So, we met lots of 4leggeds and lots of 2leggeds. Momma told daddy about these four puppies up for adoption at the Norfolk SPCA {Is this place like White Cottage??? Momma said that White Cottage is special and different from all other places, so I guess not.} Ok the thing with these puppies is that they are half Bichon and half pit bull. Honest. No kidding. The way momma reacted and the way daddy reacted, this must be a very strange thing. Dunno. To me a 4legged is a 4legged. No "category" or "breed" label. I think the half that is Bichon must be wonderful! No- momma. I am your puppy. Don't even think about it. JD and Wendy have ME!

100% full Bichon

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