Saturday, October 4, 2008

MINUS one to BARK in the PARK

Goooooooood Morning America!
One more day before Bark in the Park!!!! Yeeeeea!

I am so ready. And... I delivered on my promises to ya'll. In fact I had to strike deals, haggle, compromise and make promises I cannot possibly keep just to get the momma to bake for the two leggeds. This is so I can insure my 4 leggeds get to Bark in the Park! [I learned all this by watching the election process...]

Yes, I am officially never going to pull Wendy's ears, tail or any other part of her body again. [Accidents do happen...] And, I am not to nip at JD's tootsies again. [Again... accidents do happen]

But I got the momma to make Challah, with raisins ....2l2ggeds eat ANYTHING! and sticky buns with and without pecans and focaccia.
She also made some olive pesto, sweet pepper pesto and sundried tomato pesto and some fresh tomato pesto for the focaccias.

Yes, yes, she also made her punkin biscotti [these I LOVE] hard and crisp they go so well with anything!

Auntie Robin you have everything ready and you have my stuff stashed, yes? I am sooooo excited. Liver Lips, brown squirrel cookies....I am hungry!!!

I have even consented to wear the doggy skin with my logo.

Special shout out to Miss Margie who tortured me yesterday, but actually managed to improve on perfection. I am beautifully groomed as are JD and Wendy.

Having said all that. What was that famous tag line from the Price is Right??
oh yeah... "COME ON DOWN!"

Took the pic next to the Challah just to show you how big this is. I called it a YUGO... Daddy loves french toast made with this. [I don't get it]
It's fancy raisin bread, with Swedish sugar on top and cinnamon all over...

And check this out. Momma says there are no calories at Bark in the Park TBFR bake sales.

Oh yea, don't forget. TBFR calendars are out.... yours truly is in there.

Annabelle, Spicey, Asia, tell your two leggeds TBFR has lots of flags with your pic on it!

Uncle Phil, uncle Steve... I am extra soft. Lotion up those fingers, see you tomorrow!!!!

can't wait

See you all at the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue Booth at
Chesapeake City Park
900 Greenbrier Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Driving Directions

Bring your canine out to City Park for a dog-gone good time. The event features vendors, animal rescues, games, contests, demonstrations and more! Sponsored by Parks and Recreation and Chesapeake Humane Society. This event is FREE to the public.

Be sure to stop by DockDogs® National Sportsmen’s Series Competition.

Sunday, October 05, 2008 (12:00 PM-5:00 PM)

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