Sunday, October 5, 2008

BARK in the PARK 2008!

This is Sebastian with his family. Take a long look at this pic and keep it in mind as you read this post. :) It is all make sense. I promise.

These are the baskets of biscotti, focaccia and toppings, challah and mascarpone, sticky buns and caneles. A LOT of work! But Momma did it!

This is my auntie Robin who runs White Cottage and is the soul of Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. She is setting up the booth for TBFR. A LOT of work!

This is my auntie Lisa who helped with everything from packaging to counting up money [my momma has dyslexia. Apparently momma's dyslexia only goes away when she is shopping at Louis Vuitton or at Fink's.] Auntie Lisa did a LOT of work! And auntie Lisa had help from auntie Chrissy who also did a LOT of work. And uncle JACK who shares KP duties at White Cottage with auntie Robin. also did a whole lot of work.

This is me enduring massive humiliation... Being forced to wear a "pig suit" to participate in the Bark in the Park costume contest. Ha ha. Funny. NOOOOT My momma dressed JD, Wendy and I as the 3 little pigs and she wore her wolf face mask. Kudos to JD. :) He kept shaking off his snout. That walk by the judges was humiliation and shame... worst than a LOT of work!

So, I am pooped right now and really wanting to bury myself in some good 1200 count sheets . I just had my din din, and I am tired. Happily tired. BARK in the PARK! [BTW.... nobody with class really barks, but 2legged love rhymes... ] It was a sunny warm day, nice turnout, friendly crowd and my circle of two leggeds did a LOT of work. And they were all happy . I know, you are probably saying to yourself : "Why would anyone work so hard on a warm sunny day, instead of just enjoying the park?"

Silly goose! Go back to picture number one! Know who that is? Yes I told you it is Sebastian and his family. What I did not tell you is that that is Sebastian's new forever family! He was adopted today! And that is why we all work hard and endure humiliating pig costumes!!! We work hard to raise money so that 4leggeds like me can be rescued and helped and then matched happily in a forever home!

But we don't do it alone. I need to thank Cynthia and Don, uncle Phil [sorry your job interferes with our social events], Lolly and Bella and family, auntie Diane, Annabelle from Doggy Space whose momma donated money, Harley from Doggy Space. I hope you like the Liver Lips as much as I do! Hell's Kitchen dude, and everyone one of you who stopped by, bought something, brought something, or gave us moral support. It all helped. And I promise, we will keep finding forever homes and helping 4 leggeds like me.

BTW- Go back to that first pic. One more time.
Sebastian is happy- His new mommy is happy. His new daddy is happy. And that is what it is all about.

Stretching out and getting my belly rubbed. It has been a good day!

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