Monday, October 20, 2008


Momma is back. Well she is almost the same. She tastes the same, but she is darker. And she smells a lot like coconut. I am not sure where she went, BUT the good news is... she was not anywhere near other four leggeds. I know that for sure. My nose would not miss something like that. My 2legged sister was also back, but then she left again. :( Today I am just watching momma take apart that big monster suitcase. Why is it a "suit" case anyway? All I saw come out of it are dresses!

My world is intact again.

I am just waiting for some good smells to come out of the kitchen, and... waiting for my long walk. I think I had my best sleep last night. I slept on the momma. She will not go away from me again!

BTW, the way the Wendy attacked momma with kisses---- shameless! What a brown nose! Like she was the only one who missed her!

Oops she is going outside, Got to keep my eye on her! I will be back!

Momma's BEST girl

PS.... I GOT cappuccino foam today!!!!! YUMMMMM

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Vicki said...

Now, Sylvie, let's be glad that Wendy is kissing your Mom. I remember reading her profile on DoggySpace and she was a very unhappy and fearful little girl when she came to your home. Be a good girl and let her have some extra loving; she really needs it, a lot! Love, Blazer & Mom (Vicki)