Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where is my capuccino foam?

Momma, I hope you miss me a little. I miss you a LOT! I miss my cappuccino foam every morning,
I even miss how you wipe me down after a walk.
And. I am a little mad at you for leaving me.
Make that a LOT mad at you. So where did you go and why?

Giving you the benefit of the doubt. I blame the Dowi. She took you. But when you come home, you are not going to even go to the bathroom without me. I am getting tired of waiting for you.
Do you miss my kisses? I miss yours.

Tail down

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Vicki said...

Poor little SilvieOn4. You really do miss your Mom, alot, and your Dad is starving without her. What's this world coming to? Love, Blazer & Mom from DoggySpace