Monday, October 13, 2008

I want my MOMMA!

We took the momma and the Dori to a place with a big boat on the water. The salty water. They kissed me good bye and good bye and good bye and momma squeezed the life out of me and said she will see me in a week. I wondered how she was going to keep her eyes closed for so long. A whole week! Then JD said she momma meant she was going away for a week!. OMG. For real? OMG!!!! What will happen to me???? Who will do my grilled lamb and my pasta and my snacks???? And what about my belly???? I was going to totally lose it, but both JD and Wendy told me that it would be ok because the daddy would be here with us for sure. JD says he is sure that the daddy is NOT leaving. This is like when the daddy goes to DC and momma stays with us. But it feels different. I need my momma.
I want my momma!

This is going to be the longest week of my whole life!!!!
all 'bandoned and 'lone

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