Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Early PSA

That time IS coming!

The holidays. This is the time when the house gets full of people, of foods and of strange things. Unfortunately, for 4 leggeds these can be deadly days…

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and watch our for the following:

From the dinner table:

Unless you want your 4legged to have a serious and possibly deadly attack of PANCREATITIS, you will keep the turkey skin, the giblets, the liver and gravy, the stuffing…. The pie… and whatever rich food graces your table out of the mouth of your 4legged. Make sure NOBODY feeds your 4 legged, under, over, on the side of the table.

Bloat is also deadly. Stress can cause bloat.

Poultry bones are never a good idea. A perforated intestine can easily kill your 4legged. So, no bones… and make sure you take your trash out and do not leave it where your 4legged can access it.

I know you are worried and stressed about your aunt Maggie and and uncle Lou and setting that table so your in laws can die of envy… BUT please pay attention…

Chocolate is all over at this time of the year. And yes, even that sampler and that cute Godiva box is DEADLY to a 4 legged. Nothing like that should ever be left on a coffee table or anywhere accessible to your dog. Theomobrine, the deadly part of chocolate does NOT take a holiday.

Grapes, raisins and nuts are toxic to dogs even at Christmas!

From your side of the family:

Please keep aunt Sadie’s evil twins away from your beloved fluff. They are barely tolerable most times… during the holidays they are on a sugar rampage and their usual borderline cruelty becomes extreme. Ditto for your uncle Harry whose love of liquor makes him rage and abuse anything around him…

Pay attention to the extraordinary stuff around the house. The tinsel, the tree, the turkey feather centerpiece, the lock blocks, tinker toys, jenga pieces and such… the Channukah dreidles and Christmas trees… the strings of lights and popcorn- none of those things are dog safe. So, keep an eye out.

Make your holidays a safe and happy time for your 4 legged family members.

Finally. If you find that your best La Perla bra has been chewed to bits, understand that it was going to be either your cat loving cousin Vinnie who pinches puppy cheeks or the La Perla… that is how stressed out your 4legged was… OK next time the La Perla is safe, Vinnie is history.

Vigilant 'vie's PA no1.

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