Friday, November 14, 2008

Occupational THERAPY?

Ever wonder how 2leggeds cope with being away from their 4leggeds? I know I have.

I wondered if they ate wonderful things, danced around the place naked, if they sprawled in the whole bed, even the center...
I really wondered. Sometimes they seem sooooo put out for having to share with us 4leggeds.

Well... I was looking at some pictures the momma had from her away time.
And now I am filled with a sense of compassion. Yes, that is the emotion.

She missed me. I know that for a fact.
Look at the evidence! A "towel flower bed with a stuffed toy that looks like me in the center!" Like a little altar of spun cotton! She MISSED ME.

That is good to know 'cause I missed her too.

Now for the rest of those pics. ????
Towels??? Folded to look like people/animals/things???

Some sort of occupational therapy for Bichonless 2legged? Not sure. But... strange.

I need to make a copy, tuck them away. The next time they even think of time away I will casually... leave out the pictures... After all, I don't care what the quality of the towel is, it DOES NOT compare to moi.

So, step back and look at your 2legged. Realize that you are a very important part of his/her life and that they are in NEED of you, just as you need a good belly rub rights now...



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bichonpawz said...

'vie! You are so smart!!! We've seen those things before too!!! But we didn't know what they know! Thank you for the enlightment!! xoxoxo Chloe and LadyBug