Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rain... rain... what a pain... this weather is just ick!

Yesterday my brother spent part of his birthday waiting out a tornado in DC. Lucky for him he was with my sister and they found a Nordstrom Cafe where waiting is much less painful.

Today, on MY Sunday with daddy, the day I waited for all week, it dares to RAIN!

What's with this weather thing? Who does the weather take orders from?  Has anyone ever actually met Mother Nature?  If she is real why is she hiding? Is she afraid of being held accountable? Why can't you turn "weather" on or off with a switch like the light? 

The Wendy insists that even two leggeds cannot do anything about the weather and that's why the Wendy hides in the closet  or in the pantry. I really don't want to believe that momma and daddy can't do anything about the weather. I mean they are my Hoomans!  I rely on them for everything. I can't bear to think that they are as helpless as I am when it comes to rain, wind and such. That would make me feel vulnerable...I hate that!

Ok, they do have some stuff put away in the garage for emergencies, but still, I would like the turn it off option. Should we start a petition for that?

It should only rain at night, only for no more than 3 hours at the time. It should only snow in designated areas at designated times.  Everyone should get a copy of the rain and snow schedule at least one week in advance so you could plan for it.  And if we must have earthquakes and hurricanes we should do so with ample warnings and ample planning.  I am just saying. Mother Nature should have some controls placed on her!

Maybe the hoomans should stop doing the war thing  and focus on weather. Ahhhh.  Rain forces me to sit and be and think.

I am a Bichon, all this thinking is bound to make my curls to straight. And then what?  Pretend to be Maltese??? Sigh.... 

Somebody please rub my belly, and maybe I can nap. Maybe when I wake up the sun will be out, like it should be.  BTW, breakfast was delish.



KSO said...

Rainy days are no fun, it's hard to go on a walk when it's raining!

Prudence said...

We agree Silvie! We were under a tornado watch fur most of yesterday , we didn't like it at all!

bichonpawz said...

We are in total agreement with you 'vie...if only we could have a weather schedule that would work for everybody! What a great idea!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug