Saturday, September 29, 2012

Momma! NO! NO! NO! Leave it!

LEAVE IT!   [hey it works with me, that command should work with her!]  Never mind her addiction. I gave her a direct order. LEAVE IT.  Now.

I am having apoplexy here. She is looking at these with that thing in her eyes... You know... that mix of lust and must and can't and want????

Please, somebody stop her.

They are UGLY.

Nuff said.



Kolchak Puggle said...

Silvie on Two, I am with Vie. Those are...they're...not a good look. I mean really, WHERE are you going to wear those? tsk tsk tsk, please proceed to your nearest shoe store and oogle the Jimmy Choos for a while, then come back and look at these. You'll see that we're right.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word! What next
Benny & Lily