Friday, September 7, 2012

How to lobby for chewies

You must be persistent, you must focus. You must stare down your opposition. But more important than  anything  else is the whining. You must whine quietly, it must be like a low hum. Annoyingly there.  And then,  slowly the pitch must go up...and up...and up...until nothing and no one can ignore it.

And you must look cute while doing it.
You must maintain that mix of innocence, desperation, sincerity and

I am a master at the whining.  I could compel the dead to do something.  Yes, I wanted the chewie JD had. { I tucked mine away for later... much later...] Yes , I was in whiny mode...and yes... That momma had her camera out. DRAT....

I love my JD... He gave me the chewie... Eventually...and momma gave him a new one! He thank me later.  This is what we cal a WIN-WIN..

Huh?  What??? Momma gave him MY chewy?  The one I tucked away???? EVIL woman... plain evil!!!!


Kolchak Puggle said...

You and the Felix, Vie. You're two peas in a pod. He doesn't whine though, he woofs. He woofs and just expects me to give up the goods. Humpf! Stay strong, JD, my friend. Stay. Strong.

Lyvonne said...

So funny! I'm here late from the Wed blog hop. I'm glad though bc if I was on time I would have missed this post.