Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SYTYCD take notice of Barkley!

Obviously his leg extensions are A---MAZING! Such clean lines. And he finishes each move with such style.

Fab allonge`! Rond de jambe en l’air. He has invented the
 pas de trois. {get it?  3 leg step?}

Such beautiful, natural uncontrived dancer! Beautiful arabesque  followed by Arabesque en l’aire and Arabesque penchee!

ArriƩre even while going in circles! And what about that Assemble! And that Attitude!

Not so easy to do my friends.

Mary Murphy, Nigel... put this boy on the Hot tamale train!!!! He belongs on So you Think You Can Dance!  I would like to see him work with Travis!

His musicality is a little off. But then so is his owner for laughing at him.

And all this for carrots???? OY.  He needs an agent.  I can get him turkey jerkey!!! Not baby carrots... Barkley call me dude...

I get the value of booties. I have some. I hate them. If it is too cold for my tootsies, CARRY ME!


I can't be silenced! No, not wordless!!! ohhh okkkk:

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Lyvonne said...

Hilarious! I guess he's trying to get them off?