Saturday, September 15, 2012

FOUR seconds wet to dry!

From the Atlantic, a very good article:

But here is what they can't tell you.  From MY perspective, as a fluffy beautiful [always have to state that, 'cause ehmmm it's obvious and true] the post bath shakes are my right and my way to "share" the experience with my two legged.

After all, it's only fair. I am wet... and now you are wet... :)  We are family, after all.

Your are going to be as wet as I am... almost....

Hey, it was YOUR idea!

Shaking my bon bon...


NanaNor's said...

You are certainly beautiful when you are wet;our Hunter looks really skinny and small and kind of goofy after his baths. You'd think being the same breed, he'd have the same dignity but not quite. I bet your humans feel better when you've shared.
Happy Weekend, Noreen & Hunter

rocky-dog said...

hmm, mama tells me to shake after a bath. She puts a pre-warmed towel (yes, my mam truly cares about my comfort and puts the towels in the dryer to make sure they are nice and warm). She puts one on the part of the sink where I put my front paws and she drapes another one over my head and body. And then she tells me to shake and shake and shake. Mama says it's only water and it will dry.