Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PROPER GOOD BYE TO SUMMER- cause we are not cats

Ok, remember when it was raining on Sunday?  Well, daddy is a wonderful man. He told us we are not pussycats...or cats or.... whatever... He insisted that rain would not keep us from doing OUR theng. It worked, the rain dried up and off we went. Daddy said we owed summer a grand goodbye. So... off we went to Morris Market in North Carolina.  This is my fav open market. We like to hang out there. One, it's full of bizarre stuff... like this thing????!

Momma called it a washing machine and then she started talking about women getting scalped by the thing. Ick...
I called momma CRAZYYYY.

I love this tractor that makes peach ice cream!!!

And punkins!  I love punkins... they are delicious.  Let's get 7 of them!!!

NO NUTS!!!! We love Dowi. She is lergic to them! 

I have seen daddy's eyes glaze over any time he see that peach cider float sign.  Then he looks over to momma... and then his lips gt really thin, and like a scolded child he walks away.
Momma, cut him some slack, k?

I really want to go for a ride in this truck. 

he is only three years old, but he is so mellow...
Hey Park,  waaaaggg, it was nice meeting you.

 I love water melons. Specially when momma makes them into granita.

Sooo, how does this goodbye to summer work anyway? Do we know when it will be back?

And where to the BBQ ribs come in?



Flea said...

Oh noes! I canna see the pictures! HOWL!!!

silvieon4 said...

fixed! go daddy was hacked...

rocky-dog said...

those are way cool pictures. we couldn't see them either the first time we looked. Mama said that first thing IS a washing machine. She said when she was a puppy, her mama had one. And mama said she almost got her hand broke when the sucker thing on the top sucked her hand into it -- mama says it's a good thing she doesn't have to use a machine like that anymore! Oh all those pumpkins and watermelons looked soooo good. You are really lucky that you can go to this place. mama says they don't allow 4leggeds at the farmers markets out here -- sumthing about "health laws" -- yeah right.

Mama said we really didn't have too much summer here this year and now it's already getting to be autumn and the leaves on the trees are already turning color. I don't think it was very fair that we didn't get any summer -- not at all.

Oh and mama is STILL cleaning -- go figure

silvieon4 said...

This place is in North Carolina [20 minutes from us] they have pigs and dogs everywhere... and we get to ride the pulley carts and have picnic under the big shade trees. After all we have to be somewhere to taste all this stuff!