Monday, September 3, 2012

Yes, it's true....

My friend Amantine Aurore Dupin asks: "I love this little guy too! But Silvie, what about the tiny horse you wanted? And the tiny giraffe? Have you tossed them over?" 

I have over my years, fallen in great love, likes and such with a number of tine creatures... And that is part of my nature. I love all things small. 

Comme moi...I guess. 

Yes, if you do a search of my blog the terms horse or obsessions are quite evident. 

By the way...the tiny giraffe turned out to be NOT real! all comes down with the consequences of ownership...the care, the feeding and the tiny pooh to clean up. I am just not down with that last part. Unlike momma who calls pooh "presents" I know them to be what they are... So, for now my desperate wish for a tiny zoo is on hold until daddy's wallet can afford a tiny caretaker to clean the tiny poohs, unless you want to send cash for a tiny zoo foundation.

Ahh reality is solo limiting.


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