Friday, September 7, 2012

Homeland Security says!!!!!

OMDogness!  Zack, auntie Jodi, you two are my resident ZOMBIE experts... and I assumed you have equipment and such? Weapons?   Ehmmmm?  Auntie Jodi , did you get that car? Can I come stay with you?

Momma I love you, but how are you going to fight fangs and blood thirst?  With a Pina Colada? Your Robot Coupe is no match for these creatures... 

No, I have no idea why the government would say thing "tongue in cheek"... I mean where else would your tongue be?  Of course it would be in your mouth and in your cheek, no?

That is NOT funny. Are you sure... are you absolutely positively positive?  Are you 100% sure that ZOMBIE are fictional??? LIke the itty bitty Giraffe??? ARE YOU SURE?

Show me how you know Zombies are not real.  THE US GOVERNMENT SAYS ZOMBIES ARE NOT REAL... oh I see... But... Oh... My attention?  Well they got it... 

Ok then, stand down the warning. Some fool got my attention. But we have a FF kit that is supposed to cover all emergencies, right?  So then.  As you were.

Stooopid hoomans... and their "ad campaigns...." it's enough to give you a heart attack.... I mean, my luck, Zombies are real and they think of fluffy white dogs as "caviar"...

Moral of the story... GET YOUR EMERGENCY KITS READY people, 'cause you need to be prepared!!!



Kolchak Puggle said...

Vie, do not worry your pretty little head. The mama has a Zombie Plan and she will help you in the impending apocalypse. Shhhhhhhh...we can tell you all the details here, but early zombie detection is *key*

Kolchak Puggle said...

Hey wait! What do you mean the itty giraffe isn't real?! That's what I was going to get the Mama for Christmas,. Well now what will I get her, for woof sakes?