Monday, December 3, 2012

JD on the JOB

The EVIDENCE.... Silvie out riding around doing??????

JD: "I am not stoopid.  I am on the case. My hat is on. It's official. I am on duty.

I know you went out with the daddy.
Now where did you go?  What did you get?  What did you eat?  Where is my cut?
Who rubbed your belly?

Wendy, look at me, stop avoiding my gaze.
I have a pic of the little brat ['vie] in the car.  I have evidence!

Wendy, look at me and spill!!!!"

Wendy Pooh:  " I know nothing, I am pleading a Schultz-  I know NOOOOOOFFFFFING"

'Vie: "Leave Wendy Pooh alone, go play dicktective somewhere else"

{{{{{the raspberry sorbet was delicious......I am just saying}}}}}}

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