Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am on this Kol! Sending Adam an SOS!!!

"Can I get your Adam on retainer? I think the jolly fatman is going to try and put me on the Naughty list and I might need some back up. Thanks a heap - ♥ 

Koly's Notes: Dear "

 OMdogness Koly! I have the same issue with the roly poly guy.   My momma also lives in her OCD hyperbole world. Just today I got in a heap of trouble over some crumbs... breadstick crumbs.

As if it was MY fault.

Hunger makes you do crazy things.

She controls my food. I am hungry, She is at fault.

I am sending Adam a text message as I dictate this.  I want him to rep us ALL.  I do believe that we should not be the scapegoats of our momma's neurotic tendencies. conditions.

Furthermore, the jolly fat dude Santa Sir, should know that he is not dealing with simpleton tail waggers.  We are intelligent, well represented, well connected four leggeds whose rights will not be ignored or trampled without consequences.  And... we should not be victimized just because the hair challenged, emotionally unstable mommas have issues!

Who, noooo I am not talking about you momma, I love you.  You are ok.... jeez...

Kol, I am on this!


Just found out....Santa is represented by Dewey, Cheatem and Howe... interesting

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