Thursday, December 6, 2012

Right now at my house... fleur de sel caramels

Ok.  Leave them naked. Come on... really.  They are much more "functional" naked!  You don't have to peel any icky squares of nasty foil....

I really don't get anything around here. No respect, no consideration, no caramels...
I am really being abused by neglect.
Don't bother .
Actions speak louder than words.
Apparently I am not worthy of a caramel.
Apparently I am not your fav .
[She should be wracked with guilt. Why is she ignoring my Disney eyes????]

Seriously? Daddy?  these are all for daddy?
He will get sick!  And FAT!
Ehmmm and the other tray you have icked out with chocolate.
Does he get that too??? 
Daddyyyyyy  she HATES you!!!!

I am just going to sit here and pout. And pout and pout and pout.... Nonna, could you rub my pouting belly?

I need consoling....


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