Friday, December 28, 2012

The mystery is solved.

Momma's alchemy.... turns lemons into hooch. She calls the hooch... Limoncello. Hooch. Like I said.

Why?  Why stink up the house for pepper jelly??? Hoomans.

Mystery solved.

That 1/4 of a lb I gained. I know where it came from!

The smells. Momma smelled up the house with foods. The smells went into my nose and made their way to my tail. You know... the smells had no way out of me  once they got into my nose. And they settled into me and became extra weight.
You did't know? Yea, you do gain weight from the smells!  I swear it.  And there were so many more things I did not even take pictures of. Like a mammoth lasagna. And biscuits, and crab and lobster and artichokes...  Yea smells and talking about food makes you gain weight.

So I am just going to shut up and go sniff some soap or something.
What am I to do????

Yes, I do have an orange face. It is what you get when you eat punkin.


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