Friday, October 7, 2011

5772 or 2011

JD-  Really? Daddy is coming home???? Ohhhh that is fantastic!!!!!! I love the daddy.
JD- You are not messing with me momma, are you? I mean... if daddy is really coming home... where are the goodies?  The fantastic meal, the delicious delights, the daddy spoilage? I smell nothing... Momma, are you really serious he is coming home?

The Wendy- Well, I was not born yesterday.  Something is not right.  Daddy is coming home and you have not baked anything, and I don't see any of his favorites. What kind of welcome home is that?  Momma,  is that any way to treat my daddy? What is wrong with you? You need to get in that kitchen chop chop and start something. I don't know... How about a couple of his favorites... and throw in that pastry he loves, with the lemon curds and caramelized layers of puff pastry...

The Wendy- If I had thumbs that daddy would be coming home to a liver souffle. I know I love those. How about a fat roasted chicken with the baby carrots ? Everyone loves that! And how about a delicious apple cake?
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Silvie- Momma, follow me in the kitchen, come on, let's make something for daddy before those two kill you. You know that they are daddy crazy... Ok, I am listening. I have no idea what you are saying. What do you mean this is not an eating holiday? How can it be a holiday and NOT involve food???? I feel a headache coming on. Two leggeds... All right. Explain, please.... I think I better sit down for this.

Day of Atonement? Fasting? Cleansing of the soul. ...Too deep for me. I do have one question. Does this whole thing apply to four leggeds?   No? NO!!!! Pheeeeewwwww.  Bottom line is,  Daddy is coming home to starve. With you. Great... two grumpy humans with a low blood sugar headaches...Ehmmm Can the three of us go stay with Adam or Dowi?  They are fasting too?  Ohhh that sucks.

Last week when daddy was home it was New Year. And now he is coming home to starve. When is the big chicken holiday. You know, the one where the chicken is named after a country? TURKEY.... Yes that one.  I like that holiday.  Soon. Ok.Let me go explain this to The Wendy.

And they think that living with humans is easy. OY.



Marshmallow said...

Again, 2-leggeds are weird. Every spring, my mama gives up something for a long time. And it can't be something easy like giving up doing laundry; it has to be something hard. I feel your pain. You guys can come and stay with us--we're having roast chicken for dinner tonight!

Tucker The Crestie said...

What can I tell you, 'Vie? Humans are weird! But as long as YOU don't have to fast, I guess it's ok if they do!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Well, all I can say is THANK DOG the fasting doesn't apply to beautiful girls like you and the Wendy. JD doesn't need to be skipping meals either. If you are STARVING, head up to Canda. Tomorrow is our "Big Chicken" Holiday and the Mama is pulling out all the stops. She's making her famous "self-basting" turkey where she lifts the skin and puts layers of bacon all between the breast and the skin. It's divine.