Monday, October 3, 2011

The FIASCO and expectation management

JD: "We have to talk about it. We have to. It's the "elephant" in the room. It's not going away and we need to discuss it. After all we have to do something about it. We owe to the family. I am perfectly willing to talk to daddy or Dowi or even Adam about this. If we do nothing... it will happen again... and I am just not willing to put up with that."

WENDY : "Oh, JD I am with you, but I am not good with words, you know, my emotions just get the best of me and I fall apart.  But, something must be done. I made a list of everything that was not right... let me just enumerate it.

1. NO stroller! Seriously!  Who ever heard of going out in a crowd, without our CADI??? We could have been stolen or something! And I was embarrassed, walking on grass...public grass..
I have been looking at my paws for hours DOG knows what I have picked up.

2. Where was the ice water? Daddy never, ever forgets our ice water and our blue bowl!  When momma pulled out that collapsible thingie and poured water from that room temp bottle, I just about died. I was rescued from that kind of life... I am entitled to better!

3. Did you notice she did not bring a camera? I suppose she did not want to document her failings... no?

4. I do love her, but OMD this was not her best "performance". And finally, who ever heard of going to Bark in the Park and NOT baking something?  I mean... we went empty handed, like a civilian. WE ARE RESCUE!!!  I was so ferklepmt.

5. She did not even bring one of our chairs. Being forced to share a seat with both of you because momma failed to plan....OY!

6. What on earth was she wearing? I know she kept saying she was cold, but three coats and none fit right??? Is oversize in this year?  She looked like a bag lady.

7. I suppose we should be grateful she took us for that "walk". She called it that... I say it was more like a W.... the ALK part was definitely missing...

8. Did any of you get a snack? No. I just can't believe she was so unprepared.

9. Did she have our towels to wipe down our paws after forcing us on that wet grass? NO.

10. And then, she decides to go home after a couple of hours.  Helloooo, we missed dock dogs. We missed the walk....and that ride home... did you hear her complaining that she was a human popsicle? Lie. I licked her. She was not a popsicle.

See, I am just NOT good with words, but we need to talk about this and tell the family.

SILVIEON4: "Wendy Pohh, cut momma some slack!.  I think you guys are just not looking at the big picture.  She actually took us to Bark in the Park! She can't put Blue Buggy in her car, it does not fit!!! and honestly, you got to meet lots of people and get lots of belly rubs and you met lots of doggies, so what's the big deal? If you don't encourage momma she will stop trying!!!  And do you forget that she is still broken??? And I swear you guys if you do this, you might as well kiss off the October Bash.

I think we need to take a soft approach. I think we need to help her make lists so that she does not feel overwhelmed and she handles it better.  I mean, momma is used to daddy being there.
I think ratting her out to the family is NOT the way to go.

And she was cold. I heard her teeth doing the macarena in her mouth.

SILVIEON4: "Personally, I am not going to be an ingrate. We got snacked as soon as we got home. We got brushed, she made us a grand dinner, and she snuggled some of us. Leave me out of your "intervention",  I am going to show momma support and love. I am not throwing her under the bus, just because my butt was cold on that folding chair.  You guys need to manage your expectations. I am going to help her make a list of things to take to the Bash. And you two spoiled brats will deal with whatever.  I want to go to the BASH, Get it?  Don't make me tell daddy what diva crap you have been pulling Ms Wendy... or what tiny tyrant tantrums you have been engaging in JD.... Someone has to defend the momma... might as well be me, I love her the most.

So it seems."


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Anonymous said...

I agree with Silvie! Momma's can't all ways be right, they are HUMANs and not perfect like us Bichons. A Momma that has been broken and it's cold outside after all the hot weather takes some major work.
Give the list to her so she can be better ready for the next trip.
Baby & Honey from Ohio
PS.. wish we were closer so we could have been there!