Sunday, October 16, 2011

Be the Change for Animals -- Blog the Change Event

Dusting off my soap box. Climbing on. Smoothing out my curls, and fluffing my tail. Deep breath. Go.

If you have one of those gentle souls or innocent view of the world, please, go do something else. Don't read this. If you lack courage to face the truth, go fluff something. 

On the other hand, if you are tired of feeling that lump in your throat, that ache in your heart anytime you hear "puppy mill" or "back yard breeder",  get off your butt.  Join Be the Change for Animals Blog the Change Event. To learn more about BtC4A or to Join us on today's blog hop as we ask Petland USA to STOP SELLING PUPPIES, go to

I am not stupid. I don't think any one single action will actually create effective change. I do believe that awareness has a cumulative effect. The more aware we are, the less tolerant we become, the more likely we are to demand our legislative bodies to legislate NATIONAL, UNIFORM, EFFECTIVE LEGISLATION which will OUTLAW permanently animal abuse and close down puppy mills because there will be -0- profit for puppy millers. Use RICO laws, go after these souless merchants of pain. INTOLERANCE FOR THEIR KIND IS A VIRTUE.

PETLAND... HUNTE ... your days are numbered people are learning about you.

Where would puppy millers move to if we had national laws with federal penalties that applied equally and uniformly?  They would be OUT OF BUSINESS and that's what we would like!!!!
What can you do?  Plenty!!!!

Educate yourself.
Educate others. 
Do you live in a state that allows the "operation of commercial breeding kennels?" Translation... does your state allow greedy people to profit from the pain of innocent animals?

Is the local sheriff, police department, the local humane society able to adequately police the kennels? Or are you dealing with a good ole boy who occasionally bets on dog fights?...

Have they promptly responded and acted on complaints of abuse or neglect?

The United States Department of Agriculture Animal Care Division only governs  "wholesale" breeding facilities (those that sell puppies to other businesses who in turn sell the puppies to the public) and that is a tiny portion of puppy mills. And that is why there is such disparate application of laws. And that is why we NEED NATIONAL LEGISLATION.

If you have the curiosity gene, a list of currently licensed breeders and some of their most recent inspection reports are available on the USDA/APHIS website.

Speaking of  HSUS, the HSUS Puppy Mill Task Force tipline, 1-877-MILL-TIP, is available to anyone with information on a possible crime involving puppy mills. Insider knowledge is valued and any link to law enforcement is also appreciated.  BE A HERO. If you personally witnessed neglect, abuse, etc and wish to file a complaint with the HSUS, please call 1-877-MILL-TIP or report it here »

The next time you are at the Mall and you walk by the "pet shop"... stop in, look around, [ Is the place clean?  Is there adequate water, food etc.?] have the courage to tell them that they need to find a new business. NO ANIMAL should be sold like chattel. Tell them that you know they are active participants in the torture and abuse of animals for profit.  All they can do is ask you to leave. Be polite, clear, firm and non menacing. You are stating facts. You are telling them that their sanitized BS and lies about where their puppies comes from no longer works.  Remember that poor breeding practices cause pain to both the innocent animals and the ignorant victim owner who BOUGHT the animal from a pet shop. These places exist only because people "support" them by buying from them...

Obviously ... do I need to say it?  DO NOT BUY FROM PET STORES.  Pet stores should sell goods, NOT ANIMALS.

Some of us are friends with mall cops now.  :) Do not be afraid to tell the mall cop how you feel. Convert him or her.

Your feelings are right, proper and legitimate.  You have a right to participate in the creation of the community you want to live in.  If you have a phone you can and should express your opinion to every one of your legislators.  After all, your attitude should be" if you want my vote, you need to hear my voice."

And by the way... if you need inspiration... re read Thoreau's Civil Disobedience  "Civil Disobedience" in three parts: One - Two - Three...

I love my humans. If they were baby milling I would be out there barking SHUT IT DOWN... 

Mr. President...   what have you done to date?

Phew. I need to get some "pucino foam". My BP is climbing. Santa Cleopatra!


KimT said...

This is excellent! You've included boatloads of information - no one can deny what the horrific truth is. And no one who reads this can walk away passively. Puppy mills and pet stores selling those puppies - beware, silvieon4 is coming your way!

Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
Kim Thomas

Amanda said...

Petland in Canada has officially stopped selling dogs and cats. Maybe the US company will soon follow suit. We can only hope!

Amanda & Terry the Mischief Elf

Marshmallow said...

Mama signed the petition and sent it to all of her friends & co-workers. Let's keep our paws crossed that this gets the attention it deserves!!

silvieon4 said...

Amanda we have lovely HUNTE corp...merchants of death and despair... transport of puppies... I do pray for Mr Hunte... every night I pray...

divakat said...

while i dont have a divine little white sweetheart, i *do* have a divine little black poodle who is well on her way to being quite spoilt.

i mention her because she is a survivor of the puppy mills. she spent the first 5 years of her life in one...and was rescued by a loving group of people and kept for 6 months in a absolutely spotless kennel till we dropped in and picked her up. and for the rest of her indulged little life we plan on doing just that, indulging her.

and telling everyone we meet to check out PETFINDERS, and choose an ADULT DOG who is waiting for a good home. thank you thank you for spreading the good word, too. (my mama used to live in portsmouth. i know the tidewater area well.)

shadow returned the favor...after we rescued her and brought her home, she rescued *me* when she alerted on a dangerously low sugar level. so now she goes everywhere with me (which makes her very happy) and shows that service dogs can be very pretty also. :)

silvieon4 said...

Divakat, :) thank you for being part of the rescue family. We are a family. We travel with momma and daddy all the time. We have made friends everywhere and it is always a pleasure to find ourselves in the company of a fellow rescue supporter. When people see us, the first question they ask is "Are they really rescue dogs?" ????? No, we are posers... ok , no "sourcasm". The implication in their question is that we are too "pretty" and healthy to be rescue dogs. Well thank you and... now you just bought yourself a little education. The rescue dog did not create the circumstances that made him/her a rescue dog. Some human did. If you want to see the ugly in rescue, look for the human that created the need for rescue, don't look at the dog...I am my momma's keeper and I can tell when she is not feeling right. It is my job to be by her side, or on top of her, your poodle, [my cousin btw] is your keeper. :)