Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is the logic?

It's late at night. Very late. Momma is up and I have to be up with her. So many things about two leggeds do not ever make sense.  She is up watching the news. Most of the time watching the news upsets her. Why does she watch the news? Really, what the Vick? Where is the logic?
Momma parks the car in garage. Momma says she needs to get to a car wash soon. It is raining outside, so, why not leave the car outside to let the rain wash it?

Momma takes orders from the Nuvi Box and yells at the Nuvi Box. She yells "Do you know what you are doing?" I really don't think the Nuvi can hear her. Otherwise it would have reacted at momma's second guessing it and it would have retaliated. I am glad the Nuvi is deaf. Where is the logic?

Ever watch daddy when he is watching Ohio State football? Biz....arrrreee.  sometimes he sits on the edge of the seat and talks to the TV. No future in that, trust me. JD carried a love affair with Lala from the Teletubbies and he tried for years talking to her on the TV. I think the TV is deaf too.  Where is the logic?No, wait... I have seen daddy on the TV talk to momma, he could hear her. I am so confused. But I did like the ballet slipper the football players were wearing. All sparkly. I love sparkles.

Why are two leggeds s so entirely fascinated with themselves? Momma will not watch a nature channel because it showed a fox eating a rabbit. ??? Yet she watches the news with all sorts of gory murders and crimes...No, I don't get it. Where is the logic?

Furs. Please, someone explain to me why necrophilia is chic!  Skin of a dead victim on your body. Ick. Where is the logic?

Humans get divorced. They give their dog to rescue.????? Your marriage failed. Your dog should not be the one being punished. He/she is probably the only successful relationship in your life!  Put your spouse in rescue and keep the dog!  Where is the logic?

Don't even get me started on puppy mills....... helllloooo world, upfront profits at the expense of innocents are NOT enough justification for puppy mills because poor breeding produced long term losses and massive suffering. Where is the logic?

It is so very late.  I am getting loopy, I need sleep and I need this woman to go to bed. I am going to whine and yawn that will give the hint. She is very tired, why is she still doing stuff?  Nobody is making her!  It is all her...compulsion... Where is the logic?

Finally.... we are going to bed. It is 2:00 am. Daddy, when you are home, she does not do caca like this.... often... anyway...
night world



Two French Bulldogs said...

Bottom line...moms are nutty
Benny & Lily

Marshmallow said...

I'm with you, 'vie. Two leggeds are strange. Mama yells at the tv too when she's watching her Badgers play that game where everyone wears tight pants and knocks each other down. What is up with that?! Does she think they can hear her? As for taking your 4-legged to a shelter, that is just crazy and evil. Mama and daddy work to help rescue dogs get adopted. On the application, some people actually say they would return the dog if a child developed allergies. Huh?! Give up the child, KEEP the dog--we're usually much better behaved!

bichonpawz said...

Don't even try to understand them 'vie...they're just plain weird. hmmm...we kind of like that idea of putting the spouse into rescue and keeping the dog! Perhaps you should consider a patent for that!