Thursday, October 27, 2011

What really goes on at those meetings?

Momma belongs to a bunch of BOREDS. Yup that's what she calls them. Boreds. After sitting in a meeting of one of these Boreds I know why they are called Bored's Meetings.
I was always curious to see what went on during those meetings. Well I got my chance to sit in on one yesterday. I no longer envy momma going to the meetings of the Bored. I pass. Wait I took notes, so you can see for yourself why I have no interest in ever going with momma.

Blah blah kiss hello, hug blah blah smiles. Hand shakes. [such a human thing to you can tell anything from that! A polite butt sniff would be so much more useful, but whatever...]
Blah blah sit, pour water sip sip, blah blah paper shuffle paper shuffle, paper shuffle big pink paper labeled AGENDA.

Quiet for a minute. Everybody reads AGENDA

[I never even knew you can name papers, I would name mine ASTRID, it is way prettier than AGENDA which really sounds old.]

The the real talking started, blah blah blah, cough, cough mint candy, blah blah blah. 

Get this ritual, I had never seen this, it was actually fascinating. They do this thing they call a "show of hands". I know, right? And they only show the one hand by holding it up.

And not everyone did it. I heard a couple of the Bored members talking to each other, one said  that the guy who did not show his hands is a real PITA.  He did not look like bread to me. Chalk it to up to weird humans.

Oh yes, there was lots of talk about momma moving and having to appoint new a new Bored member. Good luck. I mean why does anyone want to be a member of the Bored? I can think of a biziollion things that are more fun!

More talk, blah blah blah, another show of hands [really one hand] then more AGENDA shuffling, and they "tabled: a discussion". What can I say, I must have zoned out because I did not see what this "tabled discussion" looked like.

So, I maybe took a little nap. Can you blame me? Do you think they call it a meeting of the Bored for nothing??? Boredom is really what they do. And for this I got brushed... WOW.

At some point they called it. The PITA actually said " I am calling this meeting". You know, just like House calls time of death when one of his make believe patient is a gonner, the PITA, called the meeting ADJOURNED. They all got up, shook hands and were happy to have gotten so much done. ?????? What did they DO???? What did I miss???? The whole experience was underwhelming to say the least...

Dowi, when you "take in a meetings" is it like a meeting of the Bored? UGH.... Adam I know you go to meetings of the Bored, do you have to show your hand??? Can you paint a puppet on your hands and spice things up?

I don't know. I thought with thumbs and all, two leggeds lived a more exciting life... Nop... and BTW noooooo foood, just water.... When we get together at TBFR, there is ALWAYS food. It is always a CELEBRATION... this felt more like a funeral.

Momma, if you go to any more of these meetings of the Bored, count me out. I can be way happier at home.

 Caught mid yawn at the Bored meeting


Marshmallow said...

My mama's on a few boreds too. Ugh! One of the boreds meets 3 times a year for SEVERAL DAYS at a time and in a different city. That means mama has to leave us. I don't get why any 2-legged do this voluntarily! If us 4-leggeds had something like this, they would be called "Funs" and would feature treats and blitzing!

Tucker The Crestie said...

'Vie, we feel your pain! Check out our post that we had planned for tomorrow!

rocky-dog said...

my mama used to do this too sometime back in what she says is her former life. I'm not sure exactly how that works. I only know about here and now. How could even a 2 legged have a former life? These humans, so very puzzling. Mama says it's bad enough having to go to staff meetings (I've been to these -- they are almost as bad as the Bored meeting you describe). At least at the theatre, I sometimes find stuff that has been left behind on the floor -- mmm, a small piece of cheese, a bit of cracker. . . you know you just have to take it where you can find it. The humans here seem to like to eat in their work places -- probably because we don't have a proper kitchen. However, that WORKS FOR ME!

yeah, and I don't have to get all brushed out for a staff -- we just sort of show up with everybody else.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Thank goodness this one is not on any boreds
Benny & Lily