Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All day long momma had told us that the daddy and the Dowi would be arriving from DC.
But, really... we did not believe her.
You know how it is. I was not hearing anything... I was not smelling anything and I was not seeing anything. But then, suddenly at 5:30 JD heard something by the door to the garage.

I quickly joined him and started to sniff. My nose is a very good nose you know. I can sniff out anything long before I can hear it or see it. Could it be that momma was telling the truth?
Could it possibly be that the Dowi was really coming home?

Ok you caught me. I did push Wendy out of the way. BUT in all fairness Miss Tush herself is always swinging that butt and kicking everything and everyone out of her way. This time I was not going to be pushed out. Dowi was coming home because of my prayers to Saint Bichon!!!

Finally, JD felt the door open! OMG, is it daddy? Is it Dowiiiiii???? LET ME seeeeeeeee!
Notice sneaky Wendy... is headed for the stair case so she can make a grand entrance. That girl
is all about the drama!

Dowi can barely walk in - A flurry of licks and whines and yelps greet her. Oh is this FUN!!!
Dowiiii memememememememememmmmeee!


I love homecomings! It's the goodbyes I hate.

Miss you.
So very much.



bichonpawz said...

This is just the BEST post!!! Looks like homecomings at our house!! I love it!! So glad that everyone is enjoying themselves!!

Honeygo Beasley said...

You three look SO cute! What a team for the Homecoming Queen!