Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes for my novel...

And there was the witch [momma] stirring her cauldron [the pool] with a long long stick [pool vacuum] whispering incantations [counting the hours for flock to settle]...

Her large floppy hat with a big pink flower hid most of her face. But you knew she wore her seriously mad look. She had prepared for this moment. She had bathed, gotten rid of all traces of perfume. She had talked about her need not to be a mosquito buffet. She had dressed the part. Hat, long pants, long sleeves, sunblock and the final touch... human grade Revolution- I am told- Stuff called Bull Frog a bug repellent. Stinky stuff to me. [Poor humans, no fur to put the drops in.. they have to spray it all over their naked skin!!!! ICKKKK]

And there in her battle mode, she stood, stirring the green cauldron of goo and muttering about the lazy gardner who let leaves into the pool and for the next hour, she walked around the pool staring into the muck and directing her long stick. Up, down, sideways, up, down, sideways...

We watched. Quietly from the shade of the deck. She would stop occasionally to wipe her face. It was wet. Her face was dripping wet... The cauldron was still green. Not as dark green, but green just the same.

Suddenly, for reasons known only to her, she stopped. [Water level too low to go on] She pulled the stick out. Went to the back and did something that made the cauldron belch. Then she sprinkled mysterious blue crystals that smelled faintly of laundry day and then she took her hat off, and went inside. We followed. [I love air conditioning]. Momma washed again and changed, again and looked out to the cauldron and said "Later gator, I am not done with you yet."..... Ohhhhh more stirrings to come?

And then they say "worked like a dog"??? Ha??? We only watched. She worked like a human!!!

Resting up for chapter 2.

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