Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with a HUMAN

Many of you have asked about my 2legged staff, I mean uh, family. So I asked Dowi to sit down for an interview so you could get to know her better.

Hi Dowi!!!!!

Hey Silvie! How are you princess?

I'm good. I have tons of questions for you, can we get started?
Sure thing.

Why, even though you claim to understand that petting requires two hands, do you sometimes only use one to pet me?????
Wow, way to start off with a softball there! Sometimes, Silvie, I have to do other things with the other hand like pet Wendy or scratch my nose. I always do my best to use both hands.

Will you at least promise to try harder next time?
I promise.

Can I have a chewy?

Right now? You'll have to ask momma. I'm pretty far away right now. [We conducted this interview via chat.]

Speaking of far away, why do you live so far away?
Because my job is far away. You are always welcome to come visit.

Hm. I will. What is your favorite thing about me?
That's easy. I love how you think everything is exciting and fun. And I love the crazy puppy dance.

I like that about me too!!!! I also like my ears. I can move them. See?
Well, I can't actually see right now... but they are very cute too.

So, what's this thing you humans ave about not always sharing your food? I mean it really comes off as piggish... selfish...
No, Silvie, you really should not think that! It is just that sometimes, we humans eat food that is not good for you 4 leggeds. It is nothing personal, our needs are different. Just like your need for a good belly rub does not always translate as appropriate or welcomed behavior in humans.

Really? PITY you don't know what you are missing! Speaking of things that are "missed"...
Do you get this "dance thing the momma does when she is happy?
No. I am not sure anyone gets it. It is funny though, but don't let her catch you laughing, you know she is "sensitive".

Sensitive... ahh that is what we are calling it! This is what I am "sensitive" about... Dowi have you been to Adam's apartment? JD has and the Wendy has... I have NEVER been invited. So... I am curious, what's the deal?
You should not feel left out, I am sure circumstances are to blame, nothing personal. I have it on good authority that Adam is completely smitten by you.

Can I ask a question? What human breed is Adam? I figure you must have different breeds because he has a hairy face, but no hair on his head?
No, no no Silvie. Humans do not have breeds. Adam shaves his head. It is a style choice. Like when we girls wear our hair up or down.

Humans do not have breeds? OMG your species is soooooo boooringggg!! Sorry. I did not meant it that way. And I have to ask... how do you manage life without a tail? It must be so difficult to actually have to use words to express yourself all the time... And then to have to rely on words that can be interpreted so many ways... Thank goodness I have a tail! I love my tail. Don't you?
Silvie, I do love your tail, and I can't miss what I never had. Words are OK. Humanity has been doing without tails for ever. Oops Silvie, that ring is my phone. It is work, so I have to go. I love you , be good. stay in touch OK?

Work... ick. Sorry you have to go. Love you too Dowi.
This is Silvieon4 signing out.


bichonpawz said...

Perfect little interview! Perhaps a new career for Silvie???

Honeygo Beasley said...

Yes, maybe The Silvieon4 Show - she can be our next Oprah!

The Great White Fluffy Oraph.

Enjoyed reading this interview. Looking forward to reading more!