Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remember my prayer to Saint Bichon?

Well, guess what? He answered some of my prayers!!!!

I got a visit from my Dowi. And I made it pay off. I snuggled my way into her soul. Way past her heart and mind. Deep into her soul. Wanna see??? Look!

Now let me tell you a soul stealing snuggle is an art form and it does not just happen.
You can apply the basic 10- step process to achieve a basic snuggle, but soul stealing is something you learn over time. No formula, it is an individualized act.

1. Entice your snugglie to sit comfortably. Lots of pillows and lots of soft stuff around.
2. Kiss your snugglie up. Make your snugglie relax.
3. Snugglies specially on 2 legs are very responsive to sounds. So moan, groan, grunt, whine, whatever it takes to convey to your snugglie that you like what is happening.
4. Offer up the belly and get them involved in a good belly rub.
5. don"t forget to make the appreciative noises!
6. Relax. Make their heart rate match your heart rate. Deep breaths. Let yourself go limp.
7. Lean into your snugglie,
8. Share warmth.
9. Share the quiet.
10. Share the sleep.

You are now into your snugglie's soul.

I love my Dowi.


Unknown said...

Mmmm, I want to be a snugglie. I'm going to find some pillows now...


silvieon4 said...

Dear Amanda, I am available for foster snuggling. :) Silvieon4