Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black and white Sunday: What is THAT smell????

Four beautiful Bichons. And THAT smell.                                         OhMyWoof, THAT smell.

What is THAT smell?

THE Wendy caught that waft of something delicious. What is it??? She is going to sit and wait and enjoy it. Her mouth is watering, but that is the price you pay for smelling something new and delicious.

it WOKE me UP!
How can anyone remain asleep when their nose is being flooded with this smell?????  They can't!

JD says: "Well, you GOT my attention, now what?"

Cosmo is just trying to figure it all out. What is that SMELL???

THAT smell is sugo all'Amatriciana being made. Pancetta, guanciale... sauteing and filling the air with promises of DELICIOUS.

Says who?? Says whom???  What do you mean NOT for four leggeds? Momma woman, this is serious. Two paws serious!  I am not asking you to give us the "WHOLE" thing, [Mhhh that would be so great....epic even!] but we have to be included in the tasting! 

You want to irreparably harm our relationship? What do you mean how?  Read about it here: The Human–Canine Bond: The Evolution of Unique Social Skills Bobbi MacInnis, B.A MacInnis, B. (2007). The Human–Canine Bond: The Evolution of Unique Social Skills. Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior, 1(1), 28-33.

You don't have time to read that? Ok, then take my woof for it. You need to share, even a taste, but you MUST SHARE.  It is for the good of our relationship.

And it could be poisonous. We can be your taste tasters.  Or it could need salt or something! You know your salt meter does not work...

'vie, selfless to a fault, volunteer taster.

Sugar and Dachshund Nola  Thank you for hosting,
don;t you think we should taste or share even?

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