Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"she" is ruining tasty Tuesday for me.

It is Tasty Tuesday.
Give me something good.
Something seriously good.

How about meat candy?
Do you have meat candy?

You know what I am talking about... MEAT CANDY.
No meat candy. DRAT. What kind of a house are you running anyway?

This is so NOT fair.

How about you bring Adam here and he does that that smoked thing with the pork?  It smelled
wunnerful. I never got to taste it. Cosmo did. And that is when he decided to move to Adam's shoulder and become a neck accessory for Adam.

Stop it!  Naming my vet in vain should be a sin!

He does not have to know everything!

Can't you be an independent thinker?

It is TASTY TUESDAY and I want to celebrate that!

You think a piece of apple is a celebration? I think you are a mean momma.

who wants meat candy. Now.

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