Friday, March 27, 2015

KING JD update

So..... my JD is a drama queen. To say that he is "milking" his post op would be a grave understatement.  If this were a cow, she would be Elsie the Wisconsin champion Dairy Queen!

Look , I wanna be all kids of supportive with the boy, but I mean... what a "man"... what a male behavioral model he is...  ONE eye only... k?  ONE eye.  One little cataract. He comes home sporting a dual frontal poodle paw. He is wearing a clear collar and he will not eat or drink until the thing is taken off of him. SERIOUSLY. He is the picture of "paw-thetic".

Let's not forget that he spent last night issuing orders to the two leggeds. You should have seen him.
Growl- I want to go sit by the window. Growl, I want to try the bed. Growl. I want a chewie.  Growl, I am bored. Growl. Rub my belly.  I am talking orders non stop.  He issued so many orders I thought we were in the army and he was a drill Sargent.

But, let's focus on the hoomans. Having "recovered from the trauma" of their golden boy's disability..[ eye roll]  and having agreed that expensive means worth it when it comes to his sight...[eye roll, again--I do not think the same standard was applied to his "olives" as those came off without ceremony-- I am just saying...] they spent the entire night and all of today catering to his every suggestion of a whim. Heck, I am thinking I should give this cataract thing a try.

Maybe not.  But momma is all kinds of "soft" when it comes to JD, even though...she had the same cataract stuff done, BOTH eyes, and you know what??? Daddy did not fall apart, not even one bit and she did not have everyone catering to her whims. Heck... nobody hardly noticed squat. Oh yea, she is not male.  But she spent today tap dancing on the head of a pin to make JD happy...

He had his pressure check. All A- ok.   Dinner was served and hand fed to his royal pain in the tuchus. He got belly rubbed.  Thank Dogness for Cosmo. He is the "distractor" as that boy is all kinds of energy and craziness,

Moi?  The Wendy?  Yea, we are thrilled JD is ok..  But when he is better... he will pay. Trust me he will.

Oh, his royal pain in the tuchus would like me to convey a message:

"Please thank everyone, four and two leggeds who prayed for me, supported my pawrents and conveyed their best wishes. I do love social media. [what a shock...] I appreciate and love everyone of you. I apologize for not writing sooner, but you know, I do feel like a one eyed Jack and I am recovering  [Oh boy, I do want to gag right now...MEN!]

Thank you Dr Neidlestein and staff. I am not really sure what you did.  I think I fell asleep..., but Yellow CAT better realize that he cannot hide from me anymore! So, I do have one question...Who thought it was funny to give this Bichon -Poodle Paws?????? - I am not happy with that part, I just wanted to let you know and I will be dropping off a picture of a Poodle next to a Bichon so that you can use it as a reference point in your OR.  I will be spending the next few weeks explaining to some two legged that NO- I am not a POODLE... thanks..."

His royal pain in the tuchus has declined any pictures. He went on a tirade about flash and his poor retina... blah blah blah.  so no pics. For now.

But we shall be posting  those, soon.

Meanwhile, I am breaking in Cosmo. But that's a dif post!


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bichonpawz said...

We are so very glad that JD came through the surgery with flying colors. You are right about the male's a wonder they make it through the day! BOL!