Monday, March 2, 2015

I am just saying...

I am just saying.

The noise, the banging, the smells... we would be better off going somewhere while this stuff is going on, no?

We have strangers in our house making messes and changing stuff. Lights, wall colors, floor stuff.

I am all set to go elsewhere, but the momma says we have to house sit. Really?

Make daddy do it. Whatever- this work guy is ragging my last nerve. That is where daddy always is whenever I need him. Does work give him belly?  And licks?  And snuggles and tail wags???

I am just saying.

Oy, tell them to stop messing up the lights in the house.... and seriously...

I am hoping this is my last wear of my fur coat for this season. but I AM GOING TO ROCK IT!

Chill, it's faux, only poly esters died for this!


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