Monday, March 30, 2015

I rang them bells... and rang them bells...they must be deaf

They are working me to the bone. I know I am a Bichon, I know that giving my hoomans attention is my raison d'etre, but this is nuts.

First of all my whole routine has been disrupted by that Johnny come lately you all call Cosmo.
Dude has some issues. Like FOOD.... He needs manners.  He will steal food right out of your mouth if you let him. I mean, really! Even got into a confrontation withe daddy. We all watched. Daddy won.

If that boy was up to actually taking advice I would tell him that before daddy became HIS HONOR, he was a union president. He has had plenty of practice of not letting go of any bone that is in his mouth!. But momma keeps reminding us that this is a process and that Cosmo has to learn to fit in. Until then, he gets fed in the Florida room, with the door closed. Apparently this prevents him from raiding our food after he has inhales his.

I do believe I have successfully established some snuggling boundaries. No way in heck will that boy take over momma's lap at night.  That lap is my throne and I am not about to give it up.  I was generous. I let him lay at her side, but that is as far as that goes.

Watching him is a hoot. He is the never ending source of faux pas.  Yup we watch him and judge him.

I really wanted momma to buy him this placemat.  She refused.

You know momma. when she is not with the Bichons she loves she loves the Bichons she is with.

We have watched her give him snuggles.  And he has had the nerve to fall asleep in her arms.

I must admit that having Cosmo around has infused lots of "ENERGY" in JD. I am not at all sorry to be the lucky recipient of that "ENERGY".  Although, auntie Robin, can we chat????

Auntie Robin, you know I love you. BUT, how come all the boys that come to my house from TBFR have NO idea what to do with a stunner like moi?  I fluff my tail, I play bow, I send out all the right signals and I do "ring them bells" just like Liza said to do....

And you know what??? NOTHING. Cosmo thinks that all there is to life is blitzing. I am mean really??? JD gets all intense when he sees Cosmo around me... and then... NOTHING.

Look, you need to have a talk with these boys.  Either that or book me on a cruise to Yugoslavia.

BTW, guess who is silent today.  And I mean zero voice, She looks icky too, Momma.  When she coughs she sounds like she is barking or trying to. I have ordered her to bed, we settled on the couch. If you tally up all the time I spent nursing that woman I should have enough life credits to be awarded a practical care nursing degree. Well at least, she is put. She is too dizzy to be anything but "PUT". Not to be judgmental, but this was long coming with all the non stop cleaning and dusting and dusting.... and reno... this was longggg coming.

And of course... it is MONDAY and it is raining...what a shock...
Going back to snuggle momma. and I need a belly scratch, Ha.... Cosmo is looking for Splish. Splish went for a ride inside the washing machine,,, Ha. Live with it boy she is a germaphobe and that thing had a nasty brown belly from you suckling it,


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bichonpawz said...

I sure hope that your momma feels better soon 'vie!! Nobody wants or needs a momma that doesn't feel good...especially with a new little one in the house!!