Monday, March 9, 2015

BANG BANG Whoshshhhh Bang bang WHOSHHHHHHHH clouds OF DUST

BANG BANG BANG , WHOOSH, BANG, dust, and dust some more... it is a mess in here and it is loud, noisy and everything is tossed like a cheap salad. [that would be plain iceberg, no mache and no endive...]

Momma is in a weird mode. She does not cope well with disorganization. We are talking torture for an OCD queen.

Her coping method? Baking

This while she can't "lay hands" on most of her baking toys.

I have tried and tried today to tell her that it is 60 degrees out there and we should be having FUN!!!


We have to be here with the "stallers".
They are stalling floors.
I am so fed up with with RENO [momma calls it that]...
 Know what I mean???

I was groomed, I am beautiful, I am not meant to be cloistered away in this messy, noisy place.  I should be off somewhere being admired and petted.

I was going to call auntie Robin, but she has the same RENO dude going on at her house!

it's enough top make you crazy!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

We would be going nutty too!
Lily & Edward