Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The White Hat Society Luncheon

The one think that momma has resented the absolute most about being sick has been missing the white Hat Society Luncheon... 7 .... she has 7 new white hats and her parading them around the bedroom is just pure insult added to painful injury...Yes she is glad that the society meets and carries on. But that tiny part of her really resents her not being there.

Momma's note:  While you were enjoying the food and each other's company I was surrendering to Silvieon4's greatest talents. She knows which spot to press on my back to make the pain feel less intense until the meds kick in.
I kiss those paws gratefully and I thank her profusely. And yes there might be some wonderful rewards  given here or there.  I am baffled by how she knows. But  she knows.

Bob thank you for sharing the pics.

My love to all Silvieon2


Holly Loves Art said...

Hello Sweetie,
I hope you'll be feeling better very soon. I'm so sorry to read that your having health issues. Back problems are the worst - I have had many problems through the years myself.

You're so lucky to have your little furchild to keep close. I really love the gorgeous "sleepy" pictures below in your older post.

Take good care.

bichonpawz said...

Aw Silvie....I am so sorry that you still aren't feeling well. I do hope that 'vie is giving you lots and lots of cuddles and everybody is behaving while you are mending! Hugs to you my friend!!