Thursday, June 9, 2011

Somebody is NOT pulling his weight

The Wendy and I have been taking turns keeping an eye over momma. That basically means we make sure one of us (mostly moi) is with her at all times. And let me tell you we have seen new sides of momma that we never knew existed. For example, when you get a big wave and a "hello my baby" it means momma has just taken her meds and she is between mellow and out of focus. We never knew her like this before. If she has that big wrinkle in her forehead and if she says "0w ow ow" ...share the couch, not her lap, and wait for her to take pills because she is not in a happy place. And of course there are bonuses. Whatever food is on her plate she welcomes anyone to share it. If, only I could bring myself to like cucumbers, oranges, and stuff like that.

But I digress. See the picture above? That is Mr lazy good for nothing JD. He is full of excuses.He says he can't stand to see momma broken. Right...because the rest of us love it... But himself can sit and groove in the sun.

I tried talking to daddy about it. Daddy says he understands how JD feels. Really. I think that is an all male excuse. I think males lack the ability to offer passive comfort. Somehow it makes them feel helpless. Weird. But, JD the loss is yours. Momma gives great belly rubs and her happy place snuggles are amazing.

So, the Wendy and I have decided to take full advantage of the situation and if Mr JD wants in, he will have to earn his way back. He can't just fall back on his senior dog status. So... When he is done "guarding" the deck...the foot of the bed awaits him. That's what we call a functional demotion...that's all I am going to say...


rocky-dog said...

Ouch, that's harsh "vie! You know there are people (both 2legged and 4legged) who just can't deal with people being sick or out of commission. Personally I pretty much stick to mama when she isn't feeling good. But mama says that she has experienced this same thing with one of her sisters. She just can't handle the emotional baggage that comes along with dealing with someone else's owies. So I'm not 100% sure this is a male only thing. I chalk it up to the "woose" factor.

Kolchak Puggle said...

You tell him 'Vie! Lazy good for nothing brothers!