Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puppy steps

We are taking puppy steps. "We" slept all night. Pushed food around a plate for breakfast and "We" ate cucumbers. Now, pleased help me understand this insanity. Daddy told the momma he would get her whatever she wanted for lunch. Whatever...as in anything! I am thinking chateaubriand, whohooo! I am thinking prime rib, I am thinking a Kobe beef carpaccio...pardon moi I need a napkin, my mouth is leaking for some reason...So what do you think momma asks for? Out of anything in the universe, she asks for...cucumber...really. Cucumber! What manner of insanity is this? I even accidentally on purpose changed the TV channel from blah blah news to the food channel. You know...subliminal inspiration... But perhaps, all that wiener pictorial brouhaha had already had already confused her mind, cucumber... It's a wonder the did not ask for cornichons. I would have gladly help her eat a decent lunch, but I draw the line on cukes.
Let's hope her dinner choices are better.
Now I have to corner her into a nap. Like I said...puppy steps...



Cindy and Chloe said...

Feel better, Silvie on 2!


rocky-dog said...

BOL!!! Cucumbers and Rep Weiner! Personally, I think cucumbers are strictly for nudging into the trash. Even zucchini has more taste -- at least the way mama makes them ---mmmmm, lots of cheese! But I digress, Did your daddy offer to replace your mama's paper bracelet yet? Perhaps that is part of the problem. She NEEDS a new bracelet in order to pull in the strength of the universe! Okay, maybe we've been watching too much X-men and Thor this spring! But you know what I mean. Anyway, get better soon Silvie on 2! (mama and I are thinking tourmaline and diamond would be a good starting point)

bichonpawz said...

'vie...please tell your momma that we hope she is feeling MUCH better each and every single day!! xoxo Chloe, LadyBug and the mama

ps...we agree with rockydog...the whole tourmaline and diamond thing would work for our mama!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell the Momma we are all really worried about her....my momma believes the cure all are pumpkin biscotti's!
Keep up the good work with the Momma and give her extra kisses from me and Cassie.