Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mission ....impossible

So... our resident sickie has been on her own mission of recovery. Yup. More than once the rest of us have referred to it as "mission impossible", "mission improbable" "mission of mercy" and we of course handle it as a "diplomatic" mission measuring our every response as if the fate of the universe depends on the answer. One thing it is not is mission accomplished.

Gone are the morning tickles and the belly kisses. As soon as her eyes are open, she is reaching for water and meds. Until those pills get swallowed, there is no momma there. There is this creature with troll hair, in this oversize ... ok let's call it nightgown. Really, I am not sure what it is. She has ugly socks with bottom grippies and generally she is invoking some ritualistic chant while grabbing her right hip. Do not try to approach her, just wait. She will negotiate her way out of bed by peeling off the covers and slowly sliding out of bed into an upright position. I would have given her "bed dismount" a 7 today but it lacked fluidity. Yesterday she got tangled in the "nightgown" and ended up fighting her way out of it. Miss Independence would not ask daddy for help. He really could have used the laugh. Anyway, Once out of bed you can actually see the pills working. She goes from twisted pretzel troll to human. She has actually been friends with the hair brush. But her level of commitment stops with a scrunci. I know... I am going to have a devil of a time getting that addiction out. Before she hits the toothbrush you can actually get her to give you a quick belly rub. Once she had brushed her teeth etc. there are shreds of momma that leak out. For example. After the face washing and hair taming... she sprays on some perfume. [yes, she is still in the "nightgown" and she is not going anywhere]. This morning she put on earrings. They added something to the ensemble...
Daddy brought breakfast for her and this has been a sore point for all of us.
He makes her food. She is picky picky picky...She does not want to hurt his feelings, so she offers us what's on her plate. And that is the issue. Why on earth would any of us eat any of that stuff when we have fresh grilled lamb waiting for us? I mean really! I found myself invoking auntie Robin. {for the record I hate cottage cheese and I hate mushy peaches}. Cukes and watermelon seem to be the two foods she eats without issue. Blah. Anyway, post breakfast we have about an hour of awake momma. We get our kisses and belly rubs and even a little play time. you can tell she starts "fading" when she is in the middle of doing something and she forgets what it was. She has been meaning to put away her new shoes for 3 days now.

But this is what happens..
Momma: "Seriously, Silvie how cute are these? you know that skirt I got in DC [yea I keep a catalogue of skirts in my head.... noooot]  These are perfect for that skirt."
Momma "I really should try the beige Weitzmans with the brown pants...." [Of course you should...]

Momma"That silver is soooo perfect it matches my nail polish. and the hot pink is just fun fun fun..."

Momma "I am tired. I think I better lay down for a bit."

Ick the alarm,  pill time.

Well at least I get a decent snuggle out of this. 

See why it is mission impossible???I am betting it will take a week for the shoes to be put away.....

'vie the opportunistic snuggler


rocky-dog said...

hmmm, mama thinks your mama has some "killer" shoes. Mama drools over shoes like this, but they are no longer allowed in her universe! Nooooo, because mama manages a costume warehouse, she is relegated to flat soled, close toe shoes for safety reasons. mmmmph, she spends the colder winter months shuffling around in Uggs (she says the concrete floor is cold -- and it is!) and then in the warmer months she switches to sketcher's maryjanes -- which have minimal "fashion" design. One of these days I will have to sneak you a photo of her shoe closet. I mean, seriously, how many pairs of "sneaker" shoes could a person really want. I would frankly prefer real leather -- it tastes so much better!

silvieon4 said...

Momma thanks God for small feet because she can get great shoes at reduced prices.. Her shoe bible is more like a catalogue. Peakboo heels, peak boo toes, swede she remembers them all I have no idea. Packing the shoes will be last and if they have to go into storage for any time, momma said it has to be climate controlled and she must have visitation... Can you say OCD?

rocky-dog said...

mmm,yes, my mama has small feet also. sometimes I'm not quite sure how she is able to do some of the balancing things she does because of small feet. Our problem is purely environmental -- warehouses do NOT make for fashionable wardrobes. Although mama does tell me that way back in the long long ago when she had a REAL job (I don't understand that phrase as this sure seems like a REAL job) she managed warehouses AND wore business suits AND wore high heels. Personally I think the woman has just decided to be more comfortable as she gets older!