Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you Rocky and auntie Mary!

Well, it took forever and one day for daddy to get home. You know how it goes, his last day of work in this office and of course they had party for him and had lots of gifts and stuff, but finally he got to come home and bring "the box" that was mailed to us! So, while he was making a fuss over his engraved gavel, and desk set etc., momma sat with the three of us on the couch and we looked at the box. When we saw the return address we got even more excited because it was from Rocky and his momma auntie Mary! Well that alone got me off the couch doing blitzes with the Wendy in tow. But, as soon as the box was opened, everything stopped. All three of us could smell chewies. Oh yuh. You could shrink wrap them and seal them in those burping containers and guess what, we could still sniff them out! Old killjoy, momma, made us all sit down. She was not having any "crazies" while she was admiring Rocky's pic which...may be hanging near my pink bed now... Momma also has an absolute fascination with the fact that auntie Mary wraps things in cloth. Pretty cloths. So, we had to sit quietly while she gently unstiched each pretty bundle. And then she announced that nobody would get anything until everything was opened. I am sure that this is torture under the Geneva convention... So we sat. Patiently. While the human pretzel with the troll hairdo methodically went about de stitching and answering daddy's questions about Rocky and how Rocky was feeling (he actually remembered that Rocky was sick!) Finally...just as I was about to explode, in order of seniority, we got our treats. Obviously, you take something that special to a neutral corner and you enjoy them with privacy and gusto. Well the truth is...JD licks his for hour eating slowly, I wolf mine down and the Wendy just enjoys it. Momma held up her gift and was beaming.
She held up a white silk shawl and she immediately called Lolly and got an appointment to get her hair done, because she is not wearing her new shawl with hair that looks like this. (from all of us THANK YOU. Auntie MARY!) I guess I have to abandon the idea of photoshopping a key chain ring on her head with a caption like "trolling along"... But momma really loves her shawl and seeing her happy was really nice. She agreed to pics tomorrow after Miss Lolly sows her hair. So, while daddy was kvelling on his drek, we were loving our gifts. Perfect timing I say! Thank you, thank you, thank you Rocky and auntie Mary.

'vie, JD the Wendy and Silvie on 2



rocky-dog said...

Oh we are so glad you got the package. Mama figured that maybe something pretty might get your mama up and going again. And you know, silk -- it's a panacea for almost everything! Glad you guys like your chewies -- those are MY favorites so I MADE mama get you guys some. As for wrapping in cloth -- mama seems to have a never ending stash of the stuff. She doesn't even need to sneak it into the house as daddy would have a hard time figuring out what the new stuff is!

bichonpawz said...

Congratulations on your gifts! Glad to hear that your momma is feeling better!!