Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the nerve of some lollipops!

So, yesterday evening we finally talked momma into a "pretend" walk. Nobody here expects her to do a real walk. Three dogs + three leashes+ a collapsible momma= disaster. But we did talk her into walking to the front yard, having her sit on the front steps and giving us full run on our leashes which means all 25 feet= all the way up to, but not including the sidewalk. Hey when you are desperate you will take anything.

So there we are, enjoying the front yard and it's occasional passerby. Many of our neighbors came up to visit, some commented that they have not seen daddy. If they had superman eyes they could see daddy. All they have have to do is look up and to the left-itsh-. While momma gave them the 25 cent explanation, we were thrilled to be exploring cat territory. That dumb big lazy invader cat who can't read an address [why else would he be in our yard all the time?] usually slithers by the front steps. JD left him a present. [That's a different story which momma did not find remotely amusing.]

Back to the lollipop. So, we are exploring, marking every centimeter, owning up our front yard, making the most of our pseudo walk when all of a sudden, out of that alternate universe that must exists...this lollipop appears without a collar or leash on. Mhhh She must have been five or six but a hard five, if you catch my drift. Wendy immediately went and sat behind momma and started growling under her breath. Well, actually it was not a growl, really... it was a running commentary.
Wendy recognized the lollipop's breed to be a Miki. [New "designer breed"] Whatever... What really set me off was this Miki's lack of manners, boundaries, respect, and...the way she walked right up to JD and gave him tail...Two seconds into the conversation with a total stranger... and she is giving him tail?
Where was she raised? You know me, altruistic to a fault. I immediately placed myself between the lollipop and JD. I don't want JD to catch some sort of disease from her. Instead of taking the hint she tried to lick up my face. NOOOOO THANK YOU. All this is going on and I am trying to distract JD by telling him I see the cat...which starts him barking so he can show off his macho cat hunting skills to the lollipop!!!!
Mercifully, the lollipop's human finally showed up and retrieved her. We actually knew it was her human because she looked and acted like her. To my sweet innocent momma, the human was shocking because she was barefoot... walking in the street barefoot [to a shoeaholic barefoot is unforgivable] and her dog was without a leash or a collar... [two capital offenses]   To me, and to Wendy... a tail offering lollipop does not belong in our neighborhood. As far as JD... we were shocked that he can be so easily chemically lobotomized by the scent of a tail fluffing lollipop. Of course we are not letting him forget it.
Oh , Oh, I must not be remiss and forget to tell you. The lollipop is "visiting for a week".



rocky-dog said...

Oh, I can truly relate. Gigi has been visiting for 2 weeks and will be here until the 4th of July. It's mostly okay though -- but she is kind of piggy with food -- eats hers then eats mine. Mama is teaching her how to not bark at work -- barking in the office is NOT polite. I do feel kind of bad for Gigi though -- she has to be on a long leash at work so she doesn't get hurt and she had to have mergency surgery at my dogter for a burst cyst in her neck. she had to get stitches so mama made a neck bandage from some of her fuzzy winter time socks -- Gigi has to wear a SOCK on her neck. But what on earth is a Miki dog??? We don't seem to have that designer breed out here and I'm not sure we should -- there are enough weird combinations locally that we really don't need another.

It sounds like you mama is getting a little better. Keep up the good work Sivieon2!

silvieon4 said...

I have to correct my spelling. it is Mi-Ki... and we don't need another combination... and back yard breeding with no education or understanding of genetics... Don't breed, don't shop ADOPT.
Poor Gigi, but how lucky she has your momma to take care of her.

Momma is getting better, no more tossing of her cookies, she also seems to have some energy. It does not last long, but it's there. post pills she is wonky... kind of like a cheap drunk. That lasts about a half hour, then she is ok, daddy and Dowi are coming home this weekend so we are all excited. look at what momma made, and then she asks why she is so damned pooped...